Thank you for bearing with us through these rough times we are happy to announce that we are taking steps towards what will be our “New Normal”. while following the recommended government guidance,


To begin with, let’s see each other again. Come in and see speak to us face-to-face, you MUST wear a face covering and keep a 2-metre distance though, but you don’t have to struggle getting through on the phone, we know it’s been difficult!


Booking in with a clinician (GP/ Advanced Nurse Practitioner) will still be a Telephone Consultation to begin with. Video consultations and face-to-face can also be arranged by the clinician.


Booking with a Nurse/ HCA will still be face-to-face and nearly all services have resumed.


If you have been unwell and afraid to come in, particularly if you are a vulnerable person, we want you to contact us about it– whether that be for your annual review or for a new problem you want checking out.


The phone lines are still very busy, we know you are frustrated and probably want to kill someone by the time you manage to get through but please be kind to our reception team when you do speak to them (trust us, they wish the phones weren’t busy too! It never stops ringing all day, every day) that said; they are here to help you and the questions they ask are for the clinician’s, they aren’t asking to be nosey. We have the maximum amount of people answering the phones that we can, but the calls take longer than usual because of the screening questions we have to ask so we can’t get through calls as fast as we used to but, we need to do this for the safety of you and everyone else.






















We hope you continue to stay safe and remember that, just because we don’t stand on our doorstep clapping each week anymore, we still work incredibly hard to provide you with the best care, as we have always done.

 © Dearne Valley Group Practice, Partners: Dr D. Shepherd, & Mrs A. Woodward