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How to order a repeat prescription

To order your repeat prescription online now click below​

If your doctor has authorised a repeat prescription, you may wish to obtain this by delivering the repeat slip in person or by post.

Note that the surgery does not take requests for repeat medication over the telephone.

Please ensure that you leave time for processing and delivery.

Please send a stamped addressed envelope so that your prescription can be returned to you.

Repeat medication is available for collection within 48 hours following the receipt of your slip. This does not include weekends or bank holidays.

Electronic Prescriptions

If you get regular prescriptions, the Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) may be able to save you time by avoiding unnecessary trips to surgery. Call and speak to a member of our team or click here for more information


Please Click Here 

Practice policy on the supply of drugs likely to be misused

Methadone and Buprenorphine

Management of patients on these items is by the Substance Misuse Team ONLY.

Sedatives, Tranquillisers and Hypnotics (Sleeping Tablets)

These drugs are all licensed for NHS prescription for short term use only. Therefore patients will not be supplied with prescriptions for maintenance dose of these drugs.  This practice is prepared to work with patients, in conjunction with the Substance Misuse Team, who will commit themselves to stopping these drugs.

Antidepressants, Major Tranquillisers and Anti-convulsants

These drugs are supplied only for certain disorders, often on the advice of a Consultant Psychiatrist. Repeat prescriptions will only be issued when the General Practitioner is satisfied that there is a genuine need or if there is a written report from the Psychiatrist indicating that treatment is currently recommended. Counselling services are available through the Practice and we are keen to help those with genuine Psychiatric problems.

Painkillers (Codeine, Dihydrocodeine etc)

These drugs will only be prescribed where the General Practitioner is satisfied that there is a genuine need.

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