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Their mission is to improve the quality of life for people with long-term mental and physical health problems by educating them, their carers and their healthcare professionals about the most effective ways of managing their conditions.

Their vision is to bring practical, effective and credible information together in one place that will treat long term health as a complex and interconnected web of conditions and recognise that people with one condition may have other pressing needs. People who enter the site will feel they are in a space where they are treated as a whole person with multiple needs and anxieties. The focus will be on helping people to understand

Please feel free to access any of the helpful weblinks below: 

Barnsley Goldthorpe Ageing well at home

Barnsley Goldthorpe Back Pain

Barnsley Goldthorpe COPD


Barnsley Goldthorpe Dementia

Barnsley Goldthorpe Diabetes

Barnsley Goldthorpe Heart Failure

Barnsley Goldthorpe Keeping well at work

Barnsley Goldthorpe Lifestyle Animations

Weight loss surgery -



Courses – links with no registration

diabetes course -

skeep course -

mental health course -

smoking course -

weight management course -

COPd course -

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